Incarcerated Wombats Incarcerated Wombats is a hard rock band from the Long Island, New York area mostly active from 2008-2014. Practice on 28 December 2019 Practice on 21 December 2019 Practice on 30 November 2019 Practice on 15 November 2019 Practice on 1 November 2019 Practice on 18 October 2019 Practice on 15 September 2019 Practice on 8 September 2019 Practice on 1 September 2019 Practice on 21 August 2019 Practice on 6 August 2019 The wombat returns!

Our lead guitarist has returned - huzzah! Should be practicing weekly again.

Calling all wombats...

We’re trying to get back into the game and decided to test out our old instruments and attempt some of our songs.

Just waiting on our lead guitarist now. Come back to the warm embrace of the wombat!

Website refreshed

Hello, long lost wombats.

This is a long due update. The website has been refreshed and all of our recordings (video & audio) are now hosted on YouTube. Now long after we’re all dead our legacy will live on so others may follow the wombat.

We’re all feeling nostalgic for the days when we would practice every week. Perhaps something will come together and we will all return to the warm embrace of the wombat.

Website updated

Hello fellow wombats!

The videos page has been removed and now we have a Practices page that includes all of those videos along with all of our older audio-only recordings.

I also did some digging and found recordings from way back in 2008! You’ll also find two videos from 2009 have been added along with two videos from October 5, 2012. I should also be putting up one more from Febuary 1, 2012 soon. After that we should be all caught up. It will be really cool to have everything ever recorded on the website.

Hopefully our guitarist will turn up again and we’ll be able to jam together.

Practice on 21 June 2014 Practice on 26 April 2014 Practice on 27 July 2013 Website updated

Hey everybody - just want to write a quick post about some new features and fixes on the website.

We’ve added a link to our new Google+ page on the home page and we now have our RSS feed working. If you have an RSS reader you can subscribe to our new posts! We’ve also updated the videos page to only show five videos per page. There are also a bunch of minor fixes that should make using the website easier. Hope you enjoy the updates!

Old download links posted

We haven’t gotten together to jam in a while so I took the liberty of adding download links for all of the old posts (pre August 2012). You can now download all of our old recordings in MP3 or OGG format!

Hopefully we’ll have more videos out soon… May the wombat be with you.

Practice on 10 May 2013 Practice on 26 April 2013 Practice on 27 March 2013 Practice on 24 March 2013 Practice on 22 February 2013 Practice on 15 February 2013 Video on 1 February 2013 Practice on 1 February 2013 Practice on 11 January 2013 Practice on 4 January 2013 Practice on 28 December 2012 Practice on 7 December 2012 Practice on 30 November 2012 Practice on 24 November 2012 Practice on 27 October 2012 Practice on 12 October 2012 Watchman's Sorrow On Speed

Faster, faster, faster! No father, priest, or pastor shall ever be your master!

Neighing Horses

Dan thought it was time for a Western song. Kevin and Mario agree and provide the soundtrack. Neigh, neigh my little pony!

Amazing Grace

Nobody should ever let us near a keyboard with built in music loops. Hear us ruin the classic Amazing Grace. That is, if you want to.

Video on 6 October 2012 Practice on 6 October 2012 Video on 5 October 2012 Practice on 5 October 2012 Practice on 29 September 2012 Practice on 21 September 2012 First album announced

We’ve announced our first album! Check out the front and back cover on the music page. You can also check out the track list, though it’s fairly obvious which songs are on it.

The wombat be with you!

Practice on 25 August 2012 No recordings this week

Unfortunately Friday’s recording was botched so there won’t be any recording released for Friday. Saturday we took a much needed break since Dan wasn’t able to make it.

We shall return next week with our regularly scheduled recordings!

New website up!

Or should I say wombsite?

The music page will be updated soon with our first album information. For now, why not go and like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and YouTube?

There are some new pictures up too. See the most recent five on the right side of this page or head over to the pictures page to see them all.

May the wombat be with you!

Practice on 11 August 2012 Practice on 10 August 2012 Practice on 4 August 2012 Practice on 28 July 2012 Practice on 27 July 2012 Wanted: Our Guitarist

After two weeks all we can ask is: where in the world is Daniel Marciano? Come back to the warm embrace of the wombat!

Practice on 6 July 2012 Practice on 22 June 2012 Practice on 15 June 2012 Practice on 8 June 2012 Practice on 1 June 2012 Practice on 25 May 2012 Practice on 18 May 2012 Practice on 12 May 2012 Practice on 11 May 2012 Band pictures are finally up

Took a while but the pictures from the last two or three practices are up. Out of focus and overly bright pictures were removed. If you find anything that you think should be taken down, let me know.

Practice on 4 May 2012 Practice on 27 April 2012 Practice on 20 April 2012 Band page is up

The band page is up but definitely not done. If anybody wants their stuff changed let me know. There will be more pictures coming soon. Probably in the next few days. If you have any pictures please get in touch with me so I can get my hands on them.

Practice on 13 April 2012 All the music is up

Just wanted to give a quick shout saying that all the music is up. I consolidated the Archives and Riffs page so now it’s all together on the Archives page.

As long as everybody shows up Friday we’ll do a group shot for the website and individual shots for the Band page. We should also settle on an album name, the cover art, and the song order.

Getting organized

Well it was time to get organized so here we are. The website is still being worked on and right now I’m working on getting the old songs edited and online. Things were a bit disorganized but I think we can move to a better system next practice.

All of the stuff we recorded previously will end up in the Music, Archives, or Goofs section. From here on out I’ll be recording the entire practice session and then I’ll put that up in its entirety and also clip the songs out and put them in the Music section.

So basically: Looking for a song? Go to the Music section. Looking for a riff or something without a name yet? If it’s older go to Archives. If it’s newer you’ll want to listen to the recording I’ll post each week from now on.

I’ll also post as I get through the old recordings. Right now three are done: We Could Be Rapists, Devastator, and Issues.

Practice on 30 March 2012 Practice on 23 March 2012 Practice on 16 March 2012 Practice on 2 March 2012 Video in 2009 Practice on 4 August 2009 Practice on 24 July 2009 Practice on 21 July 2009 Practice on 7 July 2009 Carnival Jew

This is how our keyboardist earned his nickname. He picks the weirdest tones on his keyboard and plays… basically carnival music. That and he’s Jewish.

Practice on 30 June 2009 Practice on 23 June 2009 Practice on 16 June 2009 Practice on 9 June 2009 Practice on 26 May 2009 Practice on 19 May 2009 Practice on 12 May 2009 Practice on 8 May 2009 Dan's Microphone Test

This was a quick test that Dan did for Kevin. What the hell is he saying?

Practice on 5 May 2009 Practice on 22 April 2009 Practice on 21 April 2009 Practice on 14 April 2009 Practice on 13 April 2009 Practice on 2 April 2009 Practice on 31 March 2009 Practice on 24 March 2009 Enter Sandman

We all started playing Enter Sandman but we all kind of sucked and it fell apart. Well, I guess we’re surprisingly good for not knowing how to play the song to begin with.

Practice on 12 March 2009 Practice on 10 March 2009 Practice on 27 February 2009 Practice on 24 February 2009 Epic Keyboard Guy

This is another spontaneous thing started by our keyboardist (we think) and then everybody kind of hopped in right away.

Practice on 18 February 2009 Practice on 17 February 2009 Practice on 10 February 2009 Practice on 3 February 2009 Practice on 27 January 2009 We Could Be Reggae

This was a spontaneous thing that our keyboardist did while I was checking the microphones. Might be time to explore other genres.

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