Incarcerated Wombats

Getting organized

Well it was time to get organized so here we are. The website is still being worked on and right now I’m working on getting the old songs edited and online. Things were a bit disorganized but I think we can move to a better system next practice.

All of the stuff we recorded previously will end up in the Music, Archives, or Goofs section. From here on out I’ll be recording the entire practice session and then I’ll put that up in its entirety and also clip the songs out and put them in the Music section.

So basically: Looking for a song? Go to the Music section. Looking for a riff or something without a name yet? If it’s older go to Archives. If it’s newer you’ll want to listen to the recording I’ll post each week from now on.

I’ll also post as I get through the old recordings. Right now three are done: We Could Be Rapists, Devastator, and Issues.

11 April 2012