Incarcerated Wombats

Watchman's Sorrow On Speed

Faster, faster, faster! No father, priest, or pastor shall ever be your master!

6 October 2012

Neighing Horses

Dan thought it was time for a Western song. Kevin and Mario agree and provide the soundtrack. Neigh, neigh my little pony!

6 October 2012

Amazing Grace

Nobody should ever let us near a keyboard with built in music loops. Hear us ruin the classic Amazing Grace. That is, if you want to.

6 October 2012

Carnival Jew

This is how our keyboardist earned his nickname. He picks the weirdest tones on his keyboard and plays… basically carnival music. That and he’s Jewish.

30 June 2009

Dan's Microphone Test

This was a quick test that Dan did for Kevin. What the hell is he saying?

8 May 2009